MAPCO 6492 Brake Pad Set, disc brake

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Product Info

Art. No 6492
Manufacturer MAPCO Autotechnik GmbH
Manufacturer No: MAPCO-6492
EAN 4043605082985
State: brandnew


Criterion detail
Fitting Position Rear Axle
Brake System Lucas / TRW
Thickness 16.4 mm
Height 52,9 mm
Width 87 mm
Wear Warning Contact not prepared for wear indicator

Manufacturer's number*

OE-Nr. Manufacturer
1E0698451 AUDI
1E0698451B AUDI
1E0698451C AUDI
1E0698451D AUDI
1E0698451E AUDI
1E0698451G AUDI
1H0615415 AUDI
1H0615415A AUDI
1H0615415D AUDI
1H0698451 AUDI
1H0698451A AUDI
1H0698451D AUDI
1J0698451 AUDI
1J0698451B AUDI
1J0698451C AUDI
1J0698451D AUDI
1J0698451E AUDI
1J0698451F AUDI
1J0698451G AUDI
1J0698451H AUDI
1J0698451J AUDI
1J0698451K AUDI
1J0698451L AUDI
1J0698451M AUDI
1J0698451N AUDI
1J0698451P AUDI
1J0698451R AUDI
1J0698451S AUDI
1K0698451A AUDI
1K0698451C AUDI
1K0698451J AUDI
1K0698451M AUDI
2Q0698451B AUDI
2Q0698451C AUDI
3B0698451 AUDI
3B0698451A AUDI
4B0698451 AUDI
4B0698451B AUDI
4B0698451E AUDI
4D0698451C AUDI
4D0698451D AUDI
4D0698451E AUDI
5C0698451 AUDI
5C0698451A AUDI
5C0698451B AUDI
5C0698451C AUDI
5C0698451D AUDI
5K0698451B AUDI
5K0698451E AUDI
5Q0 698 451AA AUDI
5Q0698451A AUDI
5Q0698451D AUDI
5Q0698451E AUDI
5Q0698451G AUDI
5Q0698451M AUDI
6C0698451A AUDI
6R0698451 AUDI
7M0698451 AUDI
7M3698451A AUDI
8D0698451 AUDI
8E0698451 AUDI
8E0698451A AUDI
8E0698451K AUDI
8EA698451 AUDI
JZW698451 AUDI
425223 CITROËN
425232 CITROËN
425233 CITROËN
425241 CITROËN
425396 CITROËN
425420 CITROËN
425428 CITROËN
425441 CITROËN
425467 CITROËN
1607083280 CITROËN
1608520380 CITROËN
1608681580 CITROËN
1611456380 CITROËN
1613193480 CITROËN
1617250180 CITROËN
1617250480 CITROËN
1619790680 CITROËN
1623180580 CITROËN
1631831780 CITROËN
1647873680 CITROËN
71773148 FIAT
9404252328 FIAT
9467529088 FIAT
9467648988 FIAT
1001096 FORD
1027640 FORD
1027650 FORD
1029782 FORD
1115107 FORD
1205557 FORD
1343514 FORD
1345340 FORD
5M212M008CA FORD
7354162 FORD
71773148 LANCIA
9404252328 LANCIA
425223 PEUGEOT
425232 PEUGEOT
425233 PEUGEOT
425241 PEUGEOT
425396 PEUGEOT
425420 PEUGEOT
425428 PEUGEOT
425441 PEUGEOT
425467 PEUGEOT
1607083280 PEUGEOT
1608520380 PEUGEOT
1608681580 PEUGEOT
1611456380 PEUGEOT
1613193480 PEUGEOT
1616872680 PEUGEOT
1617250180 PEUGEOT
1617250480 PEUGEOT
1623180580 PEUGEOT
1647873680 PEUGEOT
1668247680 PEUGEOT
1E0698451 SEAT
1E0698451B SEAT
1E0698451C SEAT
1E0698451D SEAT
1E0698451E SEAT
1E0698451G SEAT
1H0615415 SEAT
1H0615415A SEAT
1H0615415D SEAT
1H0698451 SEAT
1H0698451A SEAT
1H0698451D SEAT
1J0698451 SEAT
1J0698451B SEAT
1J0698451C SEAT
1J0698451D SEAT
1J0698451E SEAT
1J0698451F SEAT
1J0698451G SEAT
1J0698451H SEAT
1J0698451J SEAT
1J0698451K SEAT
1J0698451L SEAT
1J0698451M SEAT
1J0698451N SEAT
1J0698451P SEAT
1J0698451Q SEAT
1J0698451R SEAT
1J0698451S SEAT
1K0698451A SEAT
1K0698451C SEAT
1K0698451J SEAT
1K0698451M SEAT
2Q0698451 SEAT
2Q0698451B SEAT
2QB698451 SEAT
3B0698451 SEAT
3B0698451A SEAT
4B0698451 SEAT
4B0698451B SEAT
4B0698451E SEAT
4D0698451C SEAT
4D0698451D SEAT
4D0698451E SEAT
5C0698451 SEAT
5C0698451A SEAT
5C0698451B SEAT
5C0698451C SEAT
5K0 698 451E SEAT
5K0698451B SEAT
5Q0 698 451AA SEAT
5Q0698451A SEAT
5Q0698451D SEAT
5Q0698451E SEAT
5Q0698451G SEAT
5Q0698451M SEAT
6R0698451 SEAT
7M0698451 SEAT
7M3698451A SEAT
8D0698451 SEAT
8E0698451 SEAT
8E0698451A SEAT
8E0698451K SEAT
8EA698451 SEAT
JZW698451 SEAT
1E0698451 SKODA
1E0698451B SKODA
1E0698451C SKODA
1E0698451D SKODA
1E0698451E SKODA
1E0698451G SKODA
1H0615415 SKODA
1H0615415A SKODA
1H0615415D SKODA
1H0698451 SKODA
1H0698451A SKODA
1H0698451D SKODA
1J0698451 SKODA
1J0698451B SKODA
1J0698451C SKODA
1J0698451D SKODA
1J0698451E SKODA
1J0698451F SKODA
1J0698451G SKODA
1J0698451H SKODA
1J0698451J SKODA
1J0698451K SKODA
1J0698451L SKODA
1J0698451M SKODA
1J0698451N SKODA
1J0698451P SKODA
1J0698451R SKODA
1J0698451S SKODA
1K0698451A SKODA
1K0698451C SKODA
1K0698451J SKODA
1K0698451M SKODA
2Q0698451B SKODA
3B0698451 SKODA
3B0698451A SKODA
4B0698451 SKODA
4B0698451B SKODA
4B0698451E SKODA
4D0698451C SKODA
4D0698451D SKODA
4D0698451E SKODA
5C0698451 SKODA
5C0698451A SKODA
5C0698451B SKODA
5C0698451C SKODA
5K0698451B SKODA
5Q0698451A SKODA
5Q0698451AA SKODA
5Q0698451D SKODA
5Q0698451E SKODA
5Q0698451G SKODA
5Q0698451M SKODA
6R0698451 SKODA
7M0698451 SKODA
7M3698451A SKODA
8D0698451 SKODA
8E0698451 SKODA
8E0698451A SKODA
8E0698451K SKODA
8EA698451 SKODA
6QD698451 SKODA (SVW)
1H0698451G VAG
8P0698601D VAG
1E0698451 VW
1E0698451B VW
1E0698451C VW
1E0698451D VW
1E0698451E VW
1E0698451G VW
1H0615415 VW
1H0615415A VW
1H0615415D VW
1H0698451 VW
1H0698451A VW
1H0698451D VW
1J0698451 VW
1J0698451B VW
1J0698451C VW
1J0698451D VW
1J0698451E VW
1J0698451F VW
1J0698451G VW
1J0698451H VW
1J0698451J VW
1J0698451K VW
1J0698451L VW
1J0698451M VW
1J0698451N VW
1J0698451P VW
1J0698451Q VW
1J0698451R VW
1J0698451S VW
1K0 698 451A VW
1K0 698 451C VW
1K0 698 451J VW
1K0698451A VW
1K0698451C VW
1K0698451J VW
1K0698451M VW
2Q0698451 VW
2Q0698451B VW
2Q0698451C VW
2QB698451 VW
3B0698451 VW
3B0698451A VW
4B0698451 VW
4B0698451B VW
4B0698451E VW
4D0698451C VW
4D0698451D VW
4D0698451E VW
5C0698451 VW
5C0698451A VW
5C0698451B VW
5C0698451C VW
5C0698451D VW
5K0698451B VW
5K0698451E VW
5Q0 698 451AA VW
5Q0698451A VW
5Q0698451D VW
5Q0698451E VW
5Q0698451G VW
5Q0698451M VW
6C0698451 VW
6R0698451 VW
7M0698451 VW
7M3698451A VW
8D0698451 VW
8D0698451A VW
8E0698451 VW
8E0698451A VW
8E0698451B VW
8E0698451D VW
8E0698451E VW
8E0698451K VW
8EA698451 VW
8P0098601L VW
JZW698451 VW
JZW698451A VW
JZW698451AC VW
JZW698451C VW
1JD698451A VW (FAW)
L1JD698451A VW (FAW)
6QD698451 VW (SVW)
* The following item numbers are only for a better identification.
Nr. Vehicle Year of manufacture Engine output in kw Engine capacity in cc. Engine-Code KBA-No.
1 VW GOLF IV (1J1) 1.4 16V 10/1997 - 05/2004 55KW (75hp) 1390 ccm AXP, BCA, APE, AHW, AKQ 0603-419
2 VW POLO (9N_, 9A_) 1.2 12V 10/2001 - 07/2007 47KW (64hp) 1198 ccm BME, AZQ 0603-659
3 VW GOLF V (1K1) 1.4 16V 05/2006 - 11/2008 59KW (80hp) 1390 ccm BUD 0603-AKF
4 VW GOLF PLUS V (5M1, 521) 1.4 TSI 06/2007 - 12/2013 90KW (122hp) 1390 ccm CAXA 0603-BAH
5 VW GOLF IV (1J1) 1.6 08/1997 - 05/2004 74KW (100hp) 1595 ccm APF, AEH, AKL 0603-421
6 VW GOLF V (1K1) 1.6 01/2004 - 11/2008 75KW (102hp) 1595 ccm BGU, CCSA, BSE, BSF 0603-ADJ
7 VW GOLF V (1K1) 1.9 TDI 10/2003 - 11/2008 77KW (105hp) 1896 ccm BLS, BKC, BXE 0603-ADK
8 VW GOLF V (1K1) 1.4 16V 10/2003 - 05/2006 55KW (75hp) 1390 ccm BCA 0603-ADH
9 VW POLO (9N_, 9A_) 1.4 16V 10/2001 - 05/2008 55KW (75hp) 1390 ccm BKY, AUA, BBY 0603-657
10 VW POLO (9N_, 9A_) 1.2 01/2002 - 05/2007 40KW (54hp) 1198 ccm BMD, AWY 0603-652
11 VW POLO (9N_, 9A_) 1.4 16V Construction year to: 2009/05 05/2006 - 11/2009 59KW (80hp) 1390 ccm BUD 0603-AKC
12 VW POLO V (6R1, 6C1) 1.4 (6R1) 03/2009 - 05/2014 63KW (85hp) 1390 ccm CLPA, CDDA, CGGB 0603-APO
13 VW POLO V (6R1, 6C1) 1.2 06/2009 - 51KW (70hp) 1198 ccm CGPA 0603-APN
14 VW GOLF VI (5K1) 1.4 10/2008 - 11/2012 59KW (80hp) 1390 ccm CGGA 0603-AMD
15 VW GOLF VI (5K1) 1.6 TDI 02/2009 - 11/2012 77KW (105hp) 1598 ccm CAYC 0603-APS