HPS - High Performance Standard
Be better than average with MAPCO HPS products.

Automotive replacement parts from MAPCO
Autotechnik are always manufactured to OE
quality. But should our meticulous engineers
find that the OE manufacturers‘ workmanship is
demonstrably below par or that technical advances
are possible, the parts are redesigned. The goal:
a High Performance Standard (HPS) significantly
exceeding the quality of the original parts.

HPS High Performance Standard

As a result, HPS spare parts from MAPCO Autotechnik
GmbH are technically innovative, their resistance to
wear ensuring a long service life. For instance HPS
stabilizer bars are manufactured with round bar
steel from 12mm thickness compared to the 8mm
thickness of most OE manufacturer parts. This way
the HPS version has a much lower probability to
bend and hence a longer life span. MAPCO HPS
products combine innovative engineering with low
wear and tear.


Quality products from MAPCO are tested in Germany
and have proven successful worldwide
The High Performance Standard is not an empty
promise. MAPCO has had its HPS technology certified
by TÜV Rheinland, with selected functionally relevant
quality characteristics of the components undergoing
testing. The list of criteria, which is adopted on a
voluntary basis, examines for example the strength of
the used materials and the stability of sealing boots
under environmental influences, as well as assessing
the wear at the rod ends. Following successful testing,
TÜV Rheinland certified the HPS components and
awarded the TÜV signet. With these customized
ID numbers, the certificates can be viewed at our
MAPCO homepage and at www.certipedia.com.
MAPCO products are not only sold in Germany but
globally and therefore are directly available in a
variety of countries. Many customers swear by the
tested quality out of Germany. The great success in a
lot of countries is proof for the capabilities of MAPCO
products and customer satisfaction worldwide.